The farm situated just only 200km away from the Mother City. Travel 160km of paved and 20km of unpaved road then you can reach this hide away yet beautiful farm: Stoneberg. The farm is 1052ha in size. The used area is only 10%~15% of its total area. We leave most of it as close to its nature form as possible to reserve its natural beauty.

Weather is very closely related to olive’s growth. In winter, it falls around 5 degree at night which gives tree a good chill feeling. This chilling is good for tree as a signal for them to prepare for bloom in the coming spring. As move close to summer, around mid Oct, the flower will start bloom due to rising temperature. By November, the flower petal will fall and the fruit will stay and begin to grow over the nice and warm summer. In summer time, it is normally above 30 degree in the daytime.


We have one big dam to reserve and pump the water for Olive Trees. It gives amazing view when it is full with its reflection.


In spring, the beauty is just not easy to describe with words.