Among many requirement of a suitable place for olive tree to grow healthily, one of the most important requirements is the soil.

Although Olive Tree regards to be a hard tree which can sustain most of climate condition provided not extremely freezing (below -5 degree)or extremely hot (above 40 degree), it will live. But Olive Tree won’t live if the soil is not an ideal one.

It needs water but also good drainage. Soil has great impact on this. Since Olive Tree will suffer from root damage and eventually lead to death if the drainage is bad and the root is damp all the time. One of the bad soils is clay soil. It will get so hard that root is difficult to stretch out when it is dry; it will get so muddy when it is so wet and rainy season which cause the dampness around the root.


Clay Soil

The soil in the farm is mostly consisting of sandy, rocky and combination of both. Theses soils provide excellent drainage property thus leaving our Olive Tree free of worry.


Sandy, rocky soil

Planting Olive Trees in our soil guarantees the best growth of the olive.