Stoneberg Farm dates back to 1892. Located in the Piketberg District.
At the foot of the Piketberg Mountain under “Engels Man Se Baken”(S 32-41-36.22 E 18-35-05.94) A 1,052 ha farm that Mr. Robert Stone started from the last decade,1997, to cutivate olive orchards and rooibos tea. He positioned this farm model for olive production, recreation and education purpose.

In the early years, we have tried on livestock, watermelon and many vegetables as supplement for the running cost of the farm.

Through many years of personal trip in a long life journey, Mr. Robert Stone got inspired by a wise man showed him the much bigger purpose of life. From that destined day after, he think deeply on the meaning of life and the meaning of being a human. At last, he realized throughout all industries, farming is one of most fundamental function of a country. Despite how advance our technology or how civilize we develop into, agriculture products will always have its position. In the other hand, farming itself offers large number of working opportunities if compare to other industry. In this way, job creation is possible and will provide a sense of security to the employee. Stoneberg is following the principle of ‘take from people and use for people.

Stoneberg has planted the first olive tree back to the year 2000. Till now, there are 25,860 olive trees stand proudly on the land of Stoneberg. It is about 80ha. Stoneberg has its own nursery which are from the cuttings. The target area size is 200ha.


Our Olive

All our olive is prepared under traditional procedure. It is through the procedure of hand picking, wash, brine, sanitize and into the packaging.

Olive has several health benefits. Among many mineral, proteins and vitamins, polyphenols serve as strong natural antioxidants that boast a host of beneficial effects, such as lowering bad cholesterol (LDL), reduce the risk of blood and heart vessel disorder and stop cancer cells from growing.

Education Grants

As we care about our workers, we also care about their families. The education of next generation is always the top priority of civilization.

In SA, there are still large portion of population don’t have standard education. Most of time, they can’t afford.
In Stoneberg, we are more than happy to assist fellow generation to aquire basic education services.

Self-Sufficiency Farming Project

With The Great Harmony in mind, our workers are treated with respectful win-win.
If we think our worker as family member, they return the same way to us. We want them to stay happily and securely and most importantly freely in Stoneberg.

With the unstable world economic around, rocket petrol and food prices, we would like to provide our worker a secure homeland. Through responsible teach and leading, we are showing them how to cultivate their own section of land to reach the target of self-sufficiency.