Hand Picking

Same to the table olive, from the month of March till the end of June is our picking season, it could be longer depends on how quick the olive ripen on the tree.


The olive for the oil press will need to go through wash and air dry process before it goes into the presser.

Air Dry

The olive is now loaded onto the machine.


Olive enters the crusher. This is where the olive get crushed into pulp like substance or paste.


This is where olive oil comes from. When olive enters this high speed separator, it extracts the oil from the pulp.


This is the oil that comes from the high speed separator which still contains water. After this stage, it will go through another separator to separate the oil and water.


This is how the real olive oil looks after the water being separated. After the oil extraction is done, we will store it in a stainless tank in a cool place for storage.