Hand Picking

Start from the month of March till the end of June is our picking season, it could be longer depends on how quick the olive ripen on the tree.

We use traditional labor hand pick to ensure the best look of the fruit since with any other mechanical way it could damage surface of the fruit, and harvest maturity of approximately 70%


Once it is picked from the tree, it will be pour into a washing basin where our labor will pick up all the dust, leaves and branches.


After the washing, the olive will go into a 1ton tank for a salt water treatment for at least 3 months duration. During the period, simply put, the absorption of salt will make the bitterness of the olive go away.

The saltiness and the PH figure will all be very carefully examined during the period.


In packaging, we first seal the olive into bags then it will go through the sanitization process to ensure the olive arrive to customer is germ free.


After the packing, we put them on pallets and waiting to be send to our valued customers.