The land preparation is done during July. This is basic preparation work before planting, with the aim to loosen the soil to enhance air flow and the storage of water in the soil as well as clean away grasses and dry particles from ground surface.


In March we plant the seeds about 5~10cm deep under the ground. After sprouting, the seedlings will grow up to 10~20cm high around July to August.


We can only harvest Rooibos 18 months after plantation. We do harvesting by cutting off the young branches, which are about 50cm above the ground.

These cuttings are then neatly bound into bundles and transported to the processing yard. We harvest Rooibos annually between December and April, and then replant after 5 years.


After the bundles of Rooibos have been sent to processing yard, Rooibos will be put into a specialized cutting machine, which cut it into uniform length.


After cutting, we keep the Rooibos cut-offs fresh and moist using water dripped on to the transport belt. They are then transported for fermentation in a large tank.

In this stage, enzymatic oxidation takes place, which causes the Rooibos to change its color from green to the characteristic amber color, and helps develop the distinctive aroma and flavor of Rooibos.

We then spread the cuttings wide out on the field to be sun dried after fermentation. Afterwards, we collect them using a specialized machine and place them in the safe storage before sending to them off to a processing factory.


Lastly, Rooibos is sent to a processing factory for the process of getting rid of the large thick branches and tiny twigs before being sieved, pasteurized and air dried.

Afterwards they will be packed into 17~18kg per bag.


After we receive the refined Rooibos from the processing factory, we pack them into boxes, sealed and ship them out, and that’s how you end up with the rich aromatic Rooibos Tea you’re holding right now.